How to help victims of Hurricane Florence

The flood waters across North and South Carolina have barely begun to recede and already the story of Hurricane Florence is fading from the headlines. But, this monster storm devasted the lives of thousands and the need for aid in the area is great. Those affected by the storm will need help not just in the short-term but in the long-term as they tackle the task of rebuilding.

To date, Hurricane Florence claimed 37 lives, left roughly 14,000 people seeking refuge in shelters, and displaced countless more. The historic flooding caused by the fierce storm continues to wreak havoc on communities across North and South Carolina. Early estimates place of the value of property damages caused by the storm at more than $17 million. Many of us ask, how can we help?

Cash donations are needed and will provide valuable resources to the people in the affected areas. Before you donate thoroughly research the organization using a tool such as Charity Navigator to be sure that your funds are going to a trusted and verified organization. Two reputable organzations to consider for your donation are The American Red Cross and the Foundation for the Carolinas . You can also text FLORENCE to 90999 to make a $10 donation to Red Cross relief efforts.

Supplies are also needed to support victims but the logistics of getting goods into a disaster zone can be very difficult. YouGiveGoods has experience getting food and supplies into affected areas to provide relief and help rebuild. Learn more about the benefits of our online disaster relief drives. We’ve set up two drives with our trused nonprofit partners The Salvation Army and MAP International. You can purchase food, diapers, and personal care items for donation to the Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services here or purchase items for Disaster Health Kits for MAP International's relief effort here.

Don't forget the pets. Animal shelters in the area are also struggling to care for all the displaced pets. Volunteers are working tirelessly to rescue and care for stranded animals. You can help care for these helpless victims of the storm by donating to animal shelters in the Carolinas. One such shelter is the Charleston Animal Society. You can donate cash on their website or purchase food, treats, blankets, dog beds and more for donation online.

And, please remember that long after images of Hurricane Florence have stopped coming across your screens, the people of North and South Carolina will still need your help. You can make an impact on the lives of so many who struggle to get back on their feet by starting your own YouGiveGoods drive and asking your friends and family to make a donation. Information about starting your own drive is on our drive pages for the Salvation Army event and the MAP International event.

We are confident that with the support of fellow Americans, all the affected people will be able to see their way through this trying time and move forward with their lives. Until that time, we will continue to work to get them the resources they need.

September 11, A Day to Remember and Serve

It is hard to fathom that this year marks the 17th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, a day that changed the course of history forever. Also called Patriot Day and 9/11 Day, September 11 National Day of Service and Remembrance calls upon all Americans to not only reflect on the innocent victims and courageous heroes that were lost on that day, but to also pay tribute to them with an act of service.

David Paine, co-founder of the nonprofit organization, 9/11 Day, which was a driving force behind the establishment of the annual observance, explains the reason behind its creation on their site, "Ultimately we wanted something positive to come from the loss of so many innocent people in such a terrible way," says David. "We didn't want the terrorists to forever define how 9/11 would be remembered. We wanted to focus instead on how our nation came together, the spirit of unity and compassion shared by so many." Their efforts have been a huge success as tens of thousands of people every year take part in the Day of Service helping to strengthen communities across the country.

You can search volunteer opportunities in your area using 9/11 Day's searchable database here. If you are unable to volunteer in person, you can still make a great contribution to the cause when you raise needed items for your favorite local charity on YouGiveGoods, the simple and free platform for raising brand-new goods for any charity. And remember, while it is ideal that you volunteer on 9/11, an act of service any day of the year contributes to the overall movement of compassion and unity.

Part of remembering the day is making sure kids who were not alive or were too young to remember are taught about the events of the day. has created a program called, “Anniversary in the Schools”, for educators to share history, events, memories and reflections with their students on September 11. They’ve even made this a collaborative experience by offering live chat for students to ask questions with Memorial Museum Education staff standing by to answer. Learn about the program here.

Finally, let’s all be sure to take the time to reflect on the day and how we will personally work to bring about good from such tragic loss.

Pilot Freight Services delivers excellence for YGG

People ask us how we do it. How do we provide a free platform that gets needed goods to charities across the country? The answer is, it takes a YouGiveGoods village comprised of passionate employees always looking to improve the process, integrated technology, and key partners. Because of this we are excited to announce our new order fulfillment partnership with Pilot Freight Services.

An important part of our process is ensuring that new, donated goods are delivered to the charity quickly, smoothly and in excellent condition. With almost 300 items offered across hundreds of individual giving events running simultaneously on our site, integrated systems and our logistics partner are extremely crucial. Pilot Freight Services is a worldwide provider of transportation and logistics services. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer service aligned perfectly with our needs. And, we were wowed by their brand-new (opened in September 2017) 65,000 sq foot warehouse and their up-to-date technology used in the fulfillment of our orders.

In mid-July, Pilot began their first YouGiveGoods shipments. We got up and running quickly as we stocked the warehouse with loads of school supplies and started shipping them out to charities and schools in time for the start of the school year. The Pilot warehouse manager, Angel Collado, our team lead, Junior Nunez, and their whole crew have been simply fabulous during this transition time. We are feeling very confident that we are in good hands as we enter the busy holiday giving season.

Customer experience is important to us every step of the way. And when we think of our “customers” we are thinking not just of those shopping on YouGiveGoods, but the event sponsor, the event organizer, the charity recipient and finally the person (or pet) in need into whose hands the donated goods are ultimately delivered. Bringing on Pilot Freight Services is another step forward to providing the best quality service that exceeds all of our customers’ expectations.

YouGiveGoods will continue to handle online event set-up and logistics/delivery communication so send any questions directly our way at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Welcome to the team, Pilot Freight Services!

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6 Ways to Keep Summer Volunteers Energized

6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Summer Volunteers Energized

While summer means sunshine and vacation to many people, it also means hard times for nonprofits due to giving shortages and volunteer inactivity.

Interrupted schedules when schools let out and family vacations often get in the way of normal routines for regular volunteers, and it can be difficult to keep a regular volunteering schedule going during the summer months.

But, that is no reason to give up on summer!

You can keep your volunteers energized and continue growing your nonprofit this summer season.

These 6 simple strategies will boost volunteer engagement to keep your foundation strong during the heat of summer:

  1. Promote volunteer grants
  2. Host an in-person fundraising event
  3. Create summer-themed merchandise
  4. Celebrate volunteers with stewardship events
  5. Partner with other nonprofits in your community
  6. Encourage online volunteers through peer-to-peer fundraising

Don’t give up on your volunteers this summer and they won’t give up on you!

1. Promote volunteer grants

Your summer volunteers, no matter how few, know how valuable their time is, especially in the summer. Tell your volunteer community about volunteer grants.

Volunteer grants are available through companies with corporate social responsibility programs who want to promote volunteer work among their employees.

These companies will support volunteer work by matching time people spend volunteering with financial support.

Most companies require a certain number of volunteer hours, give various amounts per hour volunteered, and have a maximum grant amount as volunteer grant eligibility standards through their corporate social responsibility programs.

Corporate social responsibility programs are more common than one might think. Let your volunteers know about them!

Inform your volunteers of these opportunities and show them how to get the most out of their time. Here are some ideas to get started spreading the word:

  • Post about these opportunities on social media. Try a week-long marketing campaign and post the giving details for one company each day of the week.
  • Provide a database on your website. Databases easily showcase different company’s rules about volunteer gift matching programs. All the volunteers need to do is click a link, type in their employer’s name, and read about the grant program parameters.
  • Send out an email blast about volunteer grants. If you have the email addresses of your volunteers, use those to get in touch with these supporters. Invite them back to volunteer again and explain volunteer grants.

Volunteers want the most out of their time just like you do. Inform people about how they can maximize their time and benefit your cause as much as possible.

2. Host an in-person fundraising event

In-person fundraising events are sometimes difficult to work into busy work and school schedules. This can make regular volunteering difficult to plan for.

Weekly volunteers for ongoing projects may be hindered in the summer months. Therefore, it is easier to commit to a one-time enjoyable event during this time.

Events can be fun for both volunteers and attendees, so be creative with your fundraising event ideas to capture their excitement and support.

In addition to energizing your past volunteers, these events are perfect for recruiting new volunteers. Talk to your attendees and gather their contact information to request a donation of their time in the future.

Here are some event ideas to get you started:

  • A small concert with local artists. Invite local artists to give back to their community through donating their time performing at a concert. You may add that this is a great way for them to receive some publicity.
  • Hold a raffle night. Gather donations from local restaurants, artists, and other businesses to include in the raffle. Ask volunteers to help make it a family event with food, a face painting station, and other activities.
  • Host a 5K in your neighborhood. Charge a registration fee for people to want to run, then encourage your volunteers to help with the registration processes, setting up the event, and handing out water during the race.

While you may be wary of the cost, There are simple ways to keep in-person fundraising affordable. Get creative with your hosting strategies to be sure the event is profitable.

For example, entice volunteers to staff the event. You can attract them by offering something in return for their time. You may choose to reward volunteers at a raffle event with one free raffle ticket, or a 5K volunteer with a waived registration fee for the next race.

Inexpensive event-planning and management software can simplify your fundraising event even further. This software allows you to organize your volunteers, registrations, and planning details for your fundraising events.

You’re not tied to just one software option! Take a look at Double the Donation’s list of top event planning solutions to help you choose the software which will cater to your organization’s specific needs.

3. Create summer-themed merchandise

What better way to get people in the mood for summer than with a bright t-shirt or cool sunglasses? Summertime merchandise is a perfect reward for your volunteers to excite them for summer and for your mission.

You can get people even more excited about these products by customizing them yourself!

Create merchandise as a fundraiser, such as branded t-shirts. You may also consider creating water bottles, sunglasses, hats, and other products to inspire that summertime feeling.

Promote merchandise fundraisers on social media to show off your cool designs and encourage people to share your brand further online.

Offer volunteers for special events a swag bag filled with summer-themed merchandise as commemorative souvenirs.

In addition to the commemorating events, when volunteers sport your merchandise in public, they are advertising for your cause. They will love showing off your summer merchandise.

Someone may ask one of your volunteers, where’d you get that cool t-shirt? And your volunteer would tell them all about your organization.

If you’re stuck, here are some cool design ideas:

  • Souvenir sunglasses to commemorate a summertime event. Placing your brand name on the sides of the sunglasses spreads the word about your organization on useful giveaway that can be worn for the rest of the summer.
  • A t-shirt to promote an upcoming fundraising campaign. Give your campaign or event a cool logo to promote on the t-shirt, then encourage people to buy it in preparation for the campaign.
  • A baseball cap with references to your mission. These caps aren’t just for baseball! People love wearing baseball caps all throughout the sunny summer months, so include your mission on the hat to spread the word about your organization.

Branded merchandise is an exciting way to reward your volunteers for their hard work and to gear up your organization for the summertime.

4. Celebrate volunteers with stewardship events

For nonprofits, stewardship events have long been a staple of fundraising campaigns. Events like these help build the important bonds necessary for organizations to reach their fundraising goals.

But, did you know stewardship events are also a great way to celebrate volunteers and create lasting relationships with your supporters?

Your volunteers work hard, so don’t forget to celebrate them! The summer is a perfect time to hold a fun activity in recognition of your dedicated volunteers.

Stewardship events strengthen your relationships with your existing volunteers, but are also a fantastic way to start new relationships with other attendees as well.

Even if you don’t have an urgent need for volunteers right away, begin getting people engaged with your nonprofit. Collect emails or other contact information so you can reach out to attendees later on and request gifts of their time or donations for your nonprofit.

These events don’t have to break the bank. Some inexpensive ideas may include:

  • A barbeque contest where you provide a small prize for the winner.
  • An outdoor movie. Put up a screen and play one of your old favorites for people to come watch.
  • A kid’s day where families bring kids for face painting, water balloon fights, and hot dogs.

Building relationships with your volunteers supports a nonprofit culture in which more and more supporters will be inspired to stay involved with your cause. Hosting fun activities and showing volunteers you care about their lasting patronage is a great step toward building a strong partnership.

5. Partner with other nonprofits in your community

The summer is a tough time for many nonprofits. Work together with other organizations to mutually benefit one another’s missions and to boost volunteer activity together!

Essentially, both organizations will share volunteers as long as you are partnered because both volunteer networks will have access to both organization brands.

While all nonprofits could use a boost this summer, here are some ideas for a few types of causes who would really benefit from your extra support:

  • Food banks because they need to stock extra food for children who would otherwise have gotten free meals at school.
  • Family shelters due to the increased desire for people to escape the heat.
  • Animal shelters because extended family vacations result in more lost pets.

Try to partner with an organization who has a similar mission to your own. This way, the volunteers are more likely to be dedicated to both organizations.

Sharing networks during the summer will help both your cause and your partner’s cause because the word for giving needs will spread across both organizations.

Here are a few tips to help you get started sharing networks with your partner:

  • Choose to share social media networks. For example, create a Facebook group with supporters of both organizations. You can post volunteer opportunities in this group for everyone to see.
  • Exchange email lists for volunteers. Send emails to these new volunteers explaining your mission and encouraging them to volunteer for both organizations.
  • Co-host a shared fundraising event. Host a large event and encourage both your support bases to volunteer and attend. Volunteers will build relationships with both you and your partner, plus the two organizations can split the fundraising profits.

Sharing volunteers and networks is a tremendous way to widen your support base and get your volunteers excited about the mission of both organizations.

6. Encourage online volunteers through peer-to-peer fundraising

Volunteers don’t need to be at in-person events in order to support your organization! They can volunteer from the comfort of their own home computers through peer-to-peer fundraising.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a great way to motivate your volunteers because it is a convenient and free way for them to give their time while socializing with their friends.

To get started with your peer-to-peer fundraiser your nonprofit needs to follow just a few simple steps:

  • First, create your event page. Use compelling language and pictures to draw your audience into the page.
  • Next, spread this page as far as you can on the internet. Use your social media platforms, your webpage, and any other resources available to you.
  • Finally, reach out to your supporters and volunteers and ask them to create their own personalized fundraising page to help fundraise from all their online friends.

Soon, your fundraising page will be spread across the internet and you will reach people you never expected to reach, and all without standing up from your chair.

If you want to bring your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to the next level, include a fundraising thermometer on the main fundraising page!

Peer-to-peer campaigns can be boosted using gamification tools, such as fundraising thermometers.

Thermometers motivate donors further because they can see the impact their donation has made toward the overall goal of the cause. Read more explanations as to the effectiveness of fundraising thermometers from Qgiv.

In addition to your thermometer, you may also choose to reward donors with fundraising badges or leaderboards to showcase sizeable donors. These gamification techniques appeal to the competitive nature of people and their desire for recognition.

Peer-to-peer fundraising also increases awareness of brand name! Your followers will spread the word to their online friends, who will then come back and look up your nonprofit. Your website and fundraising page will see more hits along with your fundraising campaign.

The summer doesn’t have to mean a stall in your growth as a nonprofit. Don’t give up on your volunteers or on your cause this summer! These 6 strategies will boost your summer activity and energize everyone involved.

Adam Weinger

Adam Weinger is the President of Double the Donation, the leading provider of tools to nonprofits to help them raise more money from corporate matching gift and volunteer grant programs. Connect with Adam via email or on email or on LinkedIn.

Puerto Rico 9 Months Later

June marks 9 months since Hurricane Maria made its historic impact on Puerto Rico and left unfathomable devastation in its wake. Shocking images of the aftermath have stopped coming across our devices but three recent stories have kept Puerto Rico in the news and reminded us that they still need our help.

First, a study out of Harvard University in May challenged the validity of the official death toll from Hurricane Maria. The government reported 64 deaths. The Harvard study estimates that as many as 4600 people may have died as a result of the hurricane. Lack of electricity, essential medicines, doctors and open medical facilities in the weeks and months following the hurricane are among the reasons cited.

A second reason for concern is that June 1 marked the beginning of the 2018 hurricane season. This is frightening news considering many Puerto Ricans continue to live without electricity and pathways to health services are still compromised.

Finally, due to severe financial crisis and mass exodus of residents, the government has proposed closing more than 250 schools. Parents, teachers and children are fighting to keep their schools open noting that the closing of a school is the death of a community. They say they are not only fighting for their school, they are fighting for the future of Puerto Rico.

How can you help? The lives of the children in Puerto Rico have been turned upside down. The gift of a fresh start with new school supplies will offer kids hope and a glimpse of a brighter future. So, YouGiveGoods is working with our contacts at the Salvation Army to get most-needed school supplies to kids in PR in time for the start of school.

Shop now to purchase school supplies for Puerto Rico.

Corporations, organizations, schools and individuals can sponsor a school supplies drive on the YouGiveGoods free giving platform. There are never any costs or fees for the sponsor to run an event on YouGiveGoods or to the charity recipient. And, when your organization sponsors an event, YouGiveGoods will send 5% of your drive's total donation value as a cash gift directly to the Salvation Army in PR. Click here to start your drive today! Or contact us for more information.

Raising school supplies is one of many ways you can help. However you are able to lend a hand, we encourage you to do so and let our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico know they have not been forgotten.

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Ways to show gratitude during Military Appreciation Month

May was established as Military Appreciation Month by Congress in 1999 as a way to ensure the nation takes time to show its gratitude to members of the U.S. military who serve and protect our country. Celebratory days throughout the month of May highlight different military groups. Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 11, 2018), falls yearly on the Friday before Mother’s Day, Armed Forces Day (May 19, 2018) lands on the 3rd Saturday, and, last but not least, Memorial Day (May 28, 2018), the unofficial start of summer and the biggest military celebration of the month is held on the last Monday in May as we honor those who have died in the line of duty.

Many of us are not even aware of the basic facts and figures of our current active military. Understanding the demographic make up may help us decided how we wish to show our support and gratitude.

So, how will you show your gratitude this May? Consider these five simple ideas:

  1. Words of thanks. It doesn’t get much more simple than this. Make a point of saying thank you to every service member you see during the month of May. Hopefully it'll become second nature and you'll be thanking them all year long.

  2. Offer a discount. If you own a business or service, why not offer a special military discount during the month of May. And, be sure to publicize so military personnel and veterans can take advantage of the savings.

  3. Send a care package. Operation Support Our Troops America runs a wonderful program that ships boxes full of comfort items to service men and women abroad. You can donate by visiting their online collection event at Fill the Box Campaign. Simply shop and purchase items to be included in the comfort care boxes and help them reach their goal of raising 9,000 items.

  4. Organize a kids' letter writing campaign. Work with a local school, day care, girl scout/ boy scout troop, or boys and girls club to write letters of support and gratitude to our brave troops.

  5. Support a local military family. Search within your own community for families who currently have a service member serving away from home and contact them to see how you can help. Ideas include organizing free baby sitting, collecting gift cards for clothes or groceries, or soliciting donations for school supplies and books. You can also support military families through Operation Homefront.

You can find more ideas in the article, Ways to Show Support to Military Families and Veterans. And, find out how easy it is to start your own online event to raise items for our troops, military families and veterans using free giving platform. Whatever you choose to do, be sure you find a way to show your gratitude this May.

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How are you celebrating your employee volunteers?

April is National Volunteer Month and next week, April 15 – 21, is National Volunteer Week. How are you celebrating your employee volunteers? It’s been proven that employee volunteerism boosts morale, engagement, retention and productivity. And companies who sponsor volunteer activities are overwhelmingly seen as offering an overall better working environment than those who don’t. So, celebrating your employee volunteers is a no-brainer.

For a program that means so much to your employees, your business, and the community, you’ll need to set aside time and resources for planning your celebration. Whether it is one luncheon or a series of events throughout the month, make sure your offerings clearly show that your employee volunteers are highly valued. Here are some things to consider while planning:

1) Measure. Make April the month that you release any and all analytics you have compiled throughout the year regarding volunteerism at your business. If you haven’t already, add questions regarding your Employee Volunteer Programs (EVPs) to your annual review process and share results during National Volunteer Month. Quantify as much as possible. Present cumulative volunteer hours and apply a dollar value to hours, projects and services so your entire organization can see the real impact your EVPs are making.

2) Recognize. Every single volunteer deserves to be recognized and thanked for their efforts. Be sure recognition comes from senior executives, stressing the importance of their service to the organization. Consider naming all volunteers in your corporate newsletter or website. Ask each volunteer to supply a sentence about why they volunteer or the best part about volunteering. Help to create an atmosphere of excitement around your EVPs so even more employees will be inspired to participate in the future. And, be sure to share your impact stories with the community through local and business news outlets.

3) Celebrate Plan a company-wide event where each volunteer is called up to receive a small gift. Throw a special luncheon or dinner for volunteers only and be sure all senior executives attend. Set up stations with information to sign up new volunteers. Celebrate your volunteers and volunteerism all month long with decorations, information and events.

4) Support. What most volunteers really want are more, better ways to contribute to the community. Take this month to solidify corporate support for these programs. Two great ways to show support is by allocating more time and resources to the programs and by having senior executives take part hands-on in projects.

5) Invigorate. Use Volunteer Month to develop plans to grow and improve your EVPs. Listen to volunteers about what has worked and what hasn’t. Share information across offices and create as much efficiency as possible. Encourage open communication and create action items and goals. Be sure you are creating opportunities for everyone in your diverse workforce, including on-site, off-site and virtual volunteering opportunities. Create multiple one-off events to support ongoing initiatives. The more opportunities the better. YouGiveGoods Workplace Giving Platform is a great addition to your EVP enabling you to raise needed goods for charity without the bother of any of the logisitcs. YouGiveGoods Giving Events help to meet the changing needs of the community by supplying charities with goods they need for their everyday programs or in times of crisis.

Clearly, we’re not talking about just buying a cake! Use National Volunteer Month to not just celebrate but to take inventory of your EVPs, show top level support to the programs and individual efforts, and demonstrate long-term buy-in from the corporation to be a meaningful, committed community partner for years to come.

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This April Celebrate Volunteers. Celebrate Volunteerism.

Let's celebrate the millions of Americans who take time during their hectic lives to give back to their communities. April is National Volunteer Month and April 15 – 21 is National Volunteer Week. It is a time to recognize the undeniable impact the efforts of volunteers make on making the world a better place for all of us.

Research shows that volunteerism is woven into the core of the lives of many Americans. In fact, 1 in 4 adults, 62.6 million Americans, volunteered 7.8 billions hours in 2015 with an estimated value of this volunter service of $184 billion.1

In celebrating volunteerism and volunteers, it is important to consider the research because potential volunteers may wonder, what can my small effort really do in the face of overwhelming need? The answer lies in the facts above, as every seemingly small act of charity contributed to a real impact on communities – impact measured in the billions!

In April we take the time to step back and recognize the efforts of volunteers. Charities and programs that support people in need simply couldn’t carry out their work without the help of countless volunteers. Do you know someone who is an active volunteer? Have you ever thanked them? Now is the time to give a simple thank you. Volunteers’ work benefits not just the needy but the community as a whole.

But, we know volunteers don’t help because they want recognition. Most people volunteer because they feel called to help and because it simply feels good. As you can see below, volunteers benefit just as much as the causes they support!

2 Data from

You can celebrate the spirit of volunteerism by contributing to the cause with a YouGiveGoods Giving Event raising most-needed items for charities and the programs so many rely upon. And, running your event qualifies you as a virtual volunteer so let us be the first to Thank You for being a volunteer!

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Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018

This week we take a moment to celebrate the little things that make life better. Random Acts of Kindness Week 2018 is February 11-17 and there's no reason every one of us shouldn't take part. A quick search of #RAKWeek2018 or a visit to is sure to inspire you with ideas you can start acting on right away.

The Random Acts of Kindness movement aims to make the world a better place by encouraging people young and old to carry out small acts of kindness. The beauty of this movement is in its simplicity. Most take no planning, cost nothing and take just a moment of your time. And, not only does your act brighten someone’s day, knowing you have done a good deed will most definitely brighten your own.

So, what Random Act of Kindness will you work into your day? Check out the list below for help getting started.

RAKWeek 2018 is ending soon, but we challenge you to keep your random acts of kindness going all year long. Being kind is contagious so be the one to spread kindness in your community. Happy RAK Week!

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2018 CSR Month by Month

In 2018 a CSR program is no longer viewed as “nice to have” but as an integral part of a successful business strategy for companies of all sizes. But, just running one annual event is not going to cut it. In order to attract and retain the best talent, throughout the year employers need to offer comprehensive programs that create measurable social impact, speak to their corporate mission, and appeal to a diverse employee population.

Remember two important tips as you build your program. First, building a relationship with the charitable organizations is key as their needs are ever-changing. Becoming a real partner with a local charity(s) helps to build up neighborhoods which invigorates employees and boosts visibility and respect within the community and beyond. And second, getting C-Suite executives to buy in not only in principle but in action goes a long way to show that serving the community is indeed a priority for your organization.

It is important that your CSR program offers multiple opportunities and pathways for employees at all levels of the organization to get involved. Thoughtfully planning and organizing events all year long is no simple task. Thankfully, evolving technologies and services are available to assist you in your efforts. YouGiveGoods, for example, enables you to run online drive events for any charity(s) any time. An online drive to raise new goods to support ongoing charity programs and post disaster relief is an ideal way to diversify your program and can be worked into your schedule anytime of the year.

Opportunities to tie into bigger events and causes exist all year long. Below is a handy calendar of monthly observances around which you can host a corporate giving event:

It's not too late to build a calendar full of wonderful opportunities for your employees in 2018. Your company, your employees and the community will all reap the benefits.

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