Nationwide Supply Shortages for Food Banks and Shelters

The Associated Press’s Scott McFretidge wrote an eye opening article about the lack of supplies compared to demand in food banks all across the US. Read the full article here. He brings up many intriguing points and possible reasons for this struggle to meet rising demand. Interestingly, though the economy is healthier than it has been in years, the need for food and supply assistance is still rising.

“U.S. food banks are expected to give away about 4 billion pounds of food this year, more than double the amount provided a decade ago, according to Feeding America, the nation's primary food bank network. The group gave away 3.8 billion in 2013.” -Scott McFretidge AP

July 29, 2015 photo, volunteer Peggy Bragg, of Des Moines, Iowa, unloads donated baked goods
at the Des Moines Area Religious Council food pantry in Des Moines, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)

Many conditions within the US could contribute to this increase in need, from income inequality growing wider, to the amount of folks out there who lost everything during the recession and have not rejoined the workforce. One reason could have to do with the prices of food and goods rising while wages stayed stagnant for so many years. Regardless of why, it is obvious that more food banks, community centers, shelters and charitable organizations could use a boost.

When we read articles like this, they get us fired up because we know we can help. YouGiveGoods is often used to help boost local food drives, pet supply drives and other types of drives. Any charitable organization or nonprofit can use our free online platform to receive donations of actual goods online, from anywhere! With more and more things taking up our free time and the line between work life and home life blurring, volunteering or creating charitable events may seem impossible, but you can still help. Connect with your local community centers, nonprofits, or animal shelters and ask them what they are in need of. Of course, the list may be long, but YouGiveGoods can help! Learn more in our How it Works section, and see how simple it is to make a tangible difference in your community. And, if you already know how you want to help a charitable organization, click the start a drive button and get ready to do great things!

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What We Do

Our goal at YGG is to help you help your community. Our online drive system makes it simple to collect donations of goods for any cause. Whether you start a food drive, or run drives to help out a church cause, homeless shelter, women & children’s program or a local animal shelter, YouGiveGoods’ online drive system is the platform with resources that will help you succeed.

It’s free, easy to use, and most of all, easy to share with friends and family. Give it a try, and get pumped about giving back to your community!

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7 Best Practices for Creating A Successful Drive

You’ve launched your YGG drive, now what can you do to help ensure you meet your drive goal?

We’ve compiled a list of best practices to maximize the impact of your drive and help you on your way.

1) Use Our Social Media & Email Sharing Tools

We hope you’ve noticed that your YGG drive page comes with built-in buttons for easy email and social sharing of your drive. You’ll see results when you use them! And, encourage your visitors to share on your behalf.

Email your drive link to family, friends, co-workers, and your online community. Tell them about your cause and the new way to give goods using YGG. This is far and away the number one vehicle for driving traffic and donations to your drive.

Post your drive link on Facebook, twitter, and all your favorite social media outlets. Like those popular crowdfunding sites, YGG drives are made for social sharing.

2) Invite Friends To Join Your Team

You can expand your reach exponentially when friends join your team and start a drive on your behalf. Their personal connections will spur you on to another level of support.

3) Make Your Drive A Challenge

Create a little friendly competition between groups, departments, or teams by creating a challenge drive. Typically the added excitement of the challenge translates into greater results.

4) Tell A Story

Your community will be more willing to give when they understand your cause. Is there a story behind why you chose to support your nonprofit? Are there interesting facts that you can share? The more personally you can relate your drive to your community, the more reason they will have to donate.

5) Enlist Outside Help

Consider reaching out to your local media, school, community groups and clubs to get the word out to support your cause.

6) Update Often

Post drive updates on your drive page, via social media and email and ask your community to help you reach your goal.

7) Send Thanks

Remember to send a personal note of thanks to all your donors and at the close of your drive, let your donors know the goods have arrived at their destination.

Check out our resources page where you’ll find more tips and suggestions. Remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions, comments, and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy 4th of July!

Have a safe and joyful Independence Day from all of us at YouGiveGoods!

National Pet Month 2015

At YouGiveGoods we seriously love our pets, so we were delighted at the opportunity to shine a light on our furry friends for National Pet Month in May. During National Pet Month we celebrate the joy and companionship that come with pet ownership. We also take the time to recognize the dedicated volunteers and professionals who care for the neediest animals in animal shelters, clinics and pet hospitals.

To get in on the fun, YouGiveGoods ran a Pet Photo Sweepstakes contest during the month of May. We asked our YGG community to share their favorite pet photos with us for a chance to win a $50 American Express gift card. Let us tell you, when those pet photos came in, they made our day! We each had our personal favorite but every entry was just a delight.

Sadly, on June 1st we marked the end of National Pet Month by randomly selecting a winner from all of the contest entrants. We were excited to alert Ms. Edwards that her photo of "Lola Bunny" was the winner and sent her prize off in the mail. We hope Lola enjoys some extra special treats on us!

We were also pleased to show our support of animal shelters by running our first ever multi-day Giving Day Event. YouGiveGoods gifted 5% cash to the charity on each donation of $50+ to any of our animal shelter drives during our Pet Week Giving Days Event on May 4 - May 8, 2015.

It was a great success! In addition to the cash gifts, due to your generosity we shipped plenty of pet food, toys, blankets and cleaning supplies to animal shelters across the country.

We are adjusting to life here without the influx of sweet photos. You can help lift our spirits by sending your comments and photos of YGG at work to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We'd love to hear from you!

Paint the Town Green for Earth Day 2015

Earth Day Giving Day

Happy Earth Day 2015!

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Earth Day. The grassroots movement that started at schools across the US has evolved into a global event celebrated in over 192 countries. All across the world, people of all ages and backgrounds unite to declare that our planet should be cherished and protected.

But Earth Day is not simply a celebration, it is also a call to action.

We are called on to change our habits, and to make personal choices with a focus on positive environmental impact: recycling, limiting car pollution and efficiently using the resources around us. We are also encouraged to raise our voices, and to bring about policy change on worldwide issues such as clean energy and climate change.

YouGiveGoods values taking care of the earth as much as taking care of each other.

We are pleased to mark the importance of Earth Day by including it as part of our Giving Days. Today, on April 22, YouGiveGoods will donate an additional 5% cash gift to charity on donations of $50 or more made to an online drive hosted with us! Explore available drives to see the causes you can contribute tangible goods to.

As a bonus, did you realize that YouGiveGoods is a green drive solution? Traditionally, collection box drives can yield expired, damaged or unusable goods which the charity then has to use its limited resources to dispose of properly. Goods raised with us are all brand-new and needed by the charity.

Traditional drives can rack up transportation costs too. Individual supporters must drive to and from stores and collection sites creating pollution and spending energy and gas. YouGiveGoods reduces the environmental impact by (typically) delivering all items in one shipment.

Are you ready to take action in support of Earth Day?

Check out A Billion Acts of Green and see how you can take part in this global initiative. Long after Earth Day has passed, we promise to honor our commitment of keeping the YouGiveGoods platform green as ever! Remember: all year long, you can give and raise green for charity.

Getting to Know You

March has been a real whirlwind for our team at YouGiveGoods. We have spent much of the month introducing our online drive system to various nonprofits and corporate giving professionals at some of the biggest philanthropy conferences of the year. It's been a pleasure meeting so many with a similar passion for giving.

Our first conference of 2015 was the ACCP Annual Conference on Corporate Contributions from March 8 to 11 in Nashville, TN. As exhibitors at this event, we were thrilled to mingle with corporate contributions professionals from all over the country. Our discussions yielded common themes: overcoming the challenges of growing innovative giving programs, increasing employee engagement, and improving reporting even using limited resources.

The highlight of the event was a raucous country music performance at the historic Ryman Auditorium. What a great way to start our busy conference season!

Next, we were onto the Charities@Work 2015 Summit on Employee Engagement in Corporate Citizenship from March 23 to 25 in NYC. Here we met yet another enthusiastic group of professionals working diligently to stay on the leading edge of our ever-evolving field of corporate philanthropy.

We were proud to have our President, Lisa Tomasi, act as a presenter in the panel session entitled, “Technologists or Futurists? Leveraging Technology for Innovative Engagement”. Lisa shared important information on emerging trends and technology in employee engagement; and on ways for companies to access and effectively utilize giving and engagement data in order to grow corporate giving programs.

Today, we find ourselves at the final conference of our spring season, AFP’s 2015 International Fundraising Conference from March 29 to 31 in Baltimore, MD. This will be the largest event we attend all year with an expected 2500 attendees and 300 exhibitors!

This past Saturday, we loaded our boxes and hit the road again, ready to talk with some of the biggest changemakers in the nonprofit arena. We are looking forward to meeting many nonprofit professionals, learning more about their challenges and needs and finding out ways YouGiveGoods can assist in their work. So, please come by and visit us at booth 107!

We've spent a lot of time and energy preparing for our own version of March Madness, so it is with some sadness that we watch it draw to a close. But after the last of the conferences wind down, and we head back home to our work, we'll do so reinvigorated by new insights; and inspired by the passion of all those that we've had the pleasure of meeting along the way.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St Patrick's Day

Our New Giving Days Program

Exciting happenings continue here at YouGiveGoods!

We had such a wonderful response to our #GivingTuesday matching gift initiative last year, we decided to do the same in honor of one of our favorite, and most inspirational holidays, Martin Luther King Day on January 19. On that day too, the work done was so tremendous, we were inspired to keep the momentum going and to keep doing our part throughout the year.

Thus we are pleased to announce our new Giving Days program. The mission for our Giving Days program is to promote community involvement and inspire social responsibility. The initiative covers 6 dates in 2015 when we will match individual donations of $50 or more with a 5% cash gift to charity (10% on #GivingTuesday!).

Through our Giving Days program, we aim to provide added support to our team captains and charity partners by adding value to donations made on these special days. As YouGiveGoods celebrates Giving Days, we hope to build excitement for all of our partner teams, drives and the causes they support.

This Saturday, we celebrate the culmination of International Random Acts of Kindness Week with our first all-weekend matching gift event on Valentine's Day Weekend, February 14 - 15. We have enjoyed the stories and ideas that were shared all throughout #RAKWeek2015. We'll keep the kindness going with our 5% matching cash gift to charity on donations of $50+ made on both days of February 14 and 15. Who doesn't love a good Valentine's Day gift?

We look forward to our future 2015 Giving Days:

4.22.15 - Earth Day

9.11.15 - 9/11 Day of Remembrance and Service

10.24.15 - Make a Difference Day

12.1.15 - GivingTuesday (10% matching gift!)

As we celebrate these special days of giving, we are also celebrating our wonderful YouGiveGoods community. We are inspired daily by the commitment of our team captains, courageousness of our nonprofit partners, and the endless generosity of our donors. We pledge to continue to grow, evolve and work earnestly to merit being your partner of choice in your community service. Together we are doing great things!

C-USA Student Athletes Make 53,000 Meals Possible for Local Food Banks

Student athletes bring a lot to every college community. Their enthusiasm, hard work and dedication to their sport is a source of pride for students, alumni and the local community.

This past fall of 2014, the Conference USA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee took a stand to make an even more powerful philanthropic contribution by running its annual “Let’s SAAC Hunger” program. This conference-wide community service initiative challenged 14 participating C-USA schools in a competition to raise the most food for their local food banks.

YouGiveGoods is very proud to have partnered with C-USA in this program. Schools offered an online drive option through our platform to supplement in-person food collection boxes around the schools and at school events. North Texas won the “Let’s SAAC Hunger” title by collecting over 20,000 pounds of food for the Denton County Food Center.

In the end, this conference-wide program earned food donations (both online and on-site) totaling over 62,618.76 pounds! That comes out to approximately 53,000 meals for the served food banks. Now that’s community service at its best.

Congratulations to all who contributed to making the “Let’s SAAC Hunger” program such an amazing success. Check out their full press release for all the fun stats and details of this inspiring initiative.