Items Product
10 (12ct) packages of Best Yet bath tissue rolls
1 (14ct) packages of xlarge Prevail Daily Underwear
1 (18ct) packages of large Prevail Daily Underwear
8 (19ct) package of 4T-5T disposable training pants
12 (1lb) bags of Best Yet white rice
1 (20ct) packages of medium Prevail Daily Underwear
8 (23ct) packages of Cuties size 6 diapers
20 (27ct) packages of Cuties size 5 diapers
18 (2lb) bags of Best Yet brown rice
23 (31ct) packages of Cuties size 4 diapers
64 (3ct) packages of Ivory soap bars
3 (48ct) packages of Prevail Bladder Control Pads
43 (72ct) packages of Cuties baby wipes
6 bottles of Smuckers grape jelly
40 bottles of Suave body lotion
85 bottles of VO5 conditioner
197 bottles of VO5 shampoo
3 bottles of Welch's grape jelly
52 bottles of White Rain body wash
4 boxes of Best Yet raisin bran cereal
4 boxes of Best Yet toasted oats cereal
24 cans of Best Yet black beans
70 cans of Best Yet chicken
72 cans of Best Yet fruit cocktail
18 cans of Best Yet green beans
24 cans of Best Yet mixed vegetables
48 cans of Best Yet peas
12 cans of Del Monte pasta sauce
4 cans of Hormel chili
12 cans of Hunt's pasta sauce
80 cans of Starkist tuna
46 jars of Best Yet peanut butter
35 packages of BIC razors
60 packages of Luigi Vitelli spaghetti
4 sticks of Lady Speed Stick Deodorant
8 sticks of Speed Stick Deodorant
133 sticks of Sure deodorant
285 toothbrushes
192 tubes of Aim toothpaste
24 tubes of Freshscent shaving cream