It's hard to believe the reality of our current situation. There's so much uncertainty and anxiety as we work to protect our loved ones amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are also called upon to practice social distancing for the greater good of the community more so than for our own personal benefit. The very nature of this crisis challenges people to consider others, particularly the most vulnerable, as we go about our everyday lives in this surreal landscape.

YouGiveGoods was created to serve the most vulnerable in our communities and now more than ever we are working to continue our service while keeping our employees safe. As an e-commerce company, our employees have the benefit of working remotely as we facilitate deliveries of needed food and supplies to nonprofits across the country.

While this is a highly changeable situation, there is some important information we'd like to share with you regarding our current operations:

  • We are closely monitoring product inventory and availability. This includes removing items that are out of stock from our website so we are able to avoid back orders and keep shipping needed items to nonprofits.
  • We are in contact with nonprofit recipients regarding their ability to receive shipments. Some organizations have limited volunteers and/or hours of operation so prior to every shipment we confirm an acceptable window for delivery.
  • We are working to manage deliveries amid ever-changing circumstances.1

One source of light during the darkest times is the power of people stepping up to help others. We see this already with those showing up to work everyday at hospitals, food stores, pharmacies, food pantries, homeless shelters and more, risking their own health and safety to keep our communities running.

At YouGiveGoods we experience this light every single time a donation is made -- every time someone decides to make a purchase to help a stranger in need.

Getting most-needed food and supplies to nonprofits is all we do, and we are ramping up to see this crisis through to the end. We are adding new COVID-19 Care drives daily. Together we'll get through this.

With Warm Regards,

Lisa Tomasi
President, YouGiveGoods

1 Updated bullet as of 4-2-20 to note we are managing deliveries but cannot promise we will not experience delays

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