Ready to serve for MLK Day?
Give to a Drive

Each year, 3rd Monday in January, we celebrate the federal holiday of Martin Luther King Day, when Americans across the country join together to serve and give back to the community.

The Martin Luther King Day of Service belongs to United We Serve, the President's call to service initiative. This day continues a national legacy of service, in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a man who conveyed the powerful significance of community through word, action, and heart.

In recognition of the holiday's national volunteer work, on any goods donation of $50 or more to any online drive hosted with us, YouGiveGoods is providing a 5% matching cash gift to the charity. Simply use code MLKDAY at checkout.

Your local charities serve the community all year long.

This year, serve in return by recognizing a charity that does good work: homeless shelters, food pantries, soup kitchens, and animal shelters. Give to a YouGiveGoods online drive and raise much-needed goods for the charity in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Your giving will equip the charity with everything from food essentials, to cold-weather items like mittens and hats, to emergency supplies! By working together, we can help charities all across America to strengthen our respective communities, one by one.

Below are ways you can celebrate this day's message of civic duty and compassion.

1. If you're running a charity drive, mobilize your friends and family to support your cause. Use social media, email, and conversation to invite them to supply tangible aid to those in need by supporting your drive. Participating in a drive benefits the charity and provides a chance for your close ones to be part of this year's MLK Day.

2. Inspire your workplace by giving to a cause. Demonstrate social responsibility and commitment in honor of Martin Luther King Day. Team up with coworkers or your department to give back. Choose to support a local charity.

3. Start 2016 with a simple, effective and tangible action of giving. Now is the perfect time to follow through on resolutions of generosity and gratitude, and to motivate others in your surrounding community to do the same.

4. Simply spread the word. Tell a friend or family member about MLK Day and its purpose. Forward this page, and encourage them to find a charity and cause closest to their heart to support.

Tell us what you're doing for MLK Day on Facebook or Twitter, and we'll share!