Items Product
4 (2ct) packages of Hanes men's boxer briefs
18 (3ct) packages of Hanes boy's boxer briefs
4 (3ct) packages of Hanes women's hipsters
117 (4ct) packages of kids shoe laces
16 (5ct) packages of Hanes girl's hipsters
40 (6ct) packages of Hanes mens crew socks
44 (6ct) packages of Hanes womens crew socks
97 (6ct) packages of shoe laces
60 (6ct) packs of Hanes youth crew socks
218 Adult Toiletries Kits
5 backpacks
288 bottles of Freshscent body lotion
336 bottles of Freshscent shampoo/body wash
32 bottles of hand sanitizer
12 boxes of Crayola crayons
12 boxes of RoseArt colored pencils
15 coloring books
16 composition notebooks
90 hairbrushes
4 Hanes adult t-shirts
19 Hanes youth t-shirts
6 packages of RoseArt markers
6 teddy bears
72 tubes of Chapstick
2 tubs of Clorox disinfectant wipes
6 twin blankets
362 Youth Toiletries Kits