Together, we raised nearly $20K for charity: in soup kitchen basics, animal shelter supplies, toys and more - pounds of profound, tangible impact

2014 was a watershed moment for this big day — the year #GivingTuesday officially moved from campaign to national holiday status. At YouGiveGoods, we decided to honor our nation's new giving tradition with a site-wide #GIVE10 event. For two days, on #GivingTuesday, and the day after, we offered to the public a gift code that granted an additional 10% cash donation on top of any donation of $50 or more to any charity drive hosted with us.

The results were inspiring! Together, for the two-day event, we raised nearly $20K for charity, a feat accomplished only by the combined efforts of generous team captains, charities, and supporters all across the nation.

In that spirit of thanks, we’d like to share with you highlights from our #Give10 event. Browse our list of participating partners; explore key conversations from the giving event; flip through a collection of surprising donation facts; and look towards #GivingTuesday 2015 with a letter from our president, Lisa Tomasi.

At YouGiveGoods, we see ourselves not as solo drivers, but as facilitators: a means to connect supporter and charity, in partnerships that nourish the community we serve. A holiday like #GivingTuesday is a jumpstart of inspiration at the end of the year, to remind us always of our original mission, and to continue into the New Year with open arms and hearts.

Thank you again for your inspiration.