Make a bigger impact with a smaller footprint. Give in a way that's sustainable, healthier, and eco-friendly

Reduce Unnecessary Waste

Traditional drives may yield expired, damaged, or unusable goods. While always grateful for donations, nonprofits have to pour hours and manpower into physically collecting, sorting, packaging, transporting, and warehousing donations. Often, they have to get rid of items that are expired, damaged, or otherwise not needed -- an unnecessary hidden cost to traditional drives! Goods raised with us are all brand-new and researched as top-needed by the nonprofit.

Limit Pollution From Travel

Traditional drives can rack up transportation costs. Individual supporters and those running the drive must travel to and from stores and collection sites, spending energy and gas. For each online drive, on the other hand, supporters can easily find the exact items they'd like to donate with just a few clicks. Coordinating with the charity, YouGiveGoods delivers all donated items at the end of each drive, and typically delivers in one shipment.

Promote Healthy Nutrition

Food pantries offer invaluable support, but often supply food high in calories, low in nutritional value. This may be due to the limited selection of items from donors' own shelves. Unfortunately, healthier foods can be more expensive. As food banks struggle to feed more people than ever, often their shelves are filled with lower cost foods which are typically over-processed and high in sodium, sugars, and calories. Healthy alternatives should be provided as a crucial and nutritional option for one's diet. We encourage healthy eating choices for low-income families by offering fresh produce as well as shelf-stable nutritional options for food drives.