10 Quick Tips for a Successful Drive

Ask others to promote your drive -- Don’t be afraid to ask others to promote your Drive. Go ahead and post on your Drive Page that you would be grateful for your donors’ and team members’ help getting the word out.

Contact the Media -- Tell the news and radio channels about what you’re doing and why. Ask them to help get the word out.

Ask your organization to put a link in their newsletter and on their website -- Ask the nonprofit that you’re working or volunteering for to include your drive in their newsletter, on their website or even on their social media

Go To Any Meetings? -- Start or end every meeting with a reminder about your drive

Giveaways -- Create a give away for a certain level of donations. Contact YouGiveGoods and we can add that promotion into your drive.

Tell a story -- Explain who you’re raising goods for, why and how much you hope to raise. The more you tell people, the more they’ll want to help.

Tell your story in different ways and at different times -- You don’t need to say everything at once. Give a new fact, reason, or statement over time. Don’t be afraid to repeat something you may have said a few days ago. Perhaps some of your friends missed it.

It Doesn’t All Need To Be Online -- Host a kick-off party! Or a Halfway Party! Or a Volunteer Day. Host anything and use it as a way to remind everyone why you’re having this drive, how it helps and who it’s helping. Have them donate to gain entrance to the party, or even at the party itself--donations can be made from mobile devices.

Turn it into a Challenge -- Challenge a friend, colleague, another department, anyone to do better than you at raising goods. Contact YouGiveGoods to easily change your drive into a Challenge.