Using YouGiveGoods To Enhance Community Engagement

YouGiveGoods virtual drives makes all of this possible in ways beyond what we could imagine before; our site encourages community advancement in ways beyond the simple donating of stuff.

Through collaboration with leaders in the community - as well as governments, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, customers, and employees – we help identify opportunities to make a valuable difference in the lives of local, regional and national citizens.

The goods your company and community raises through a virtual drive are directly used in nonprofit programming— volunteers need these items to help a child do better in school, an elderly couple eat, a mother to take care of herself and her family. Your volunteer work isn’t measured in just the pounds of goods you raised, but the direct number of people you help.

Be creative: use our site to create unique and interesting programs that reflect your corporate culture. For instance, raise a specific type of good then host a volunteer event around using the goods you raised, or use donating the goods as a promotion around a company party.

The possibilities are endless--but we're also more than happy to help you think them up. Don't be afraid to Contact Us.