How to Create a Team for Your Online Drive

Behind every successful drive is often a great team working together to run a campaign. Every drive can achieve wider reach with a team that actively participates in sharing the drive on social media, posting updates, and interacting with supporters in the comments section.

With our online drives, the "Manage Team" feature makes it easy to bring others in.

Creating a Drive Access Code

First, the team captain must create a special access code for new members to join.

After logging in, the team captain will see various "edit" buttons for various sections on the dedicated drive page. In the "Meet the Team" section, there is a button titled "Manage Team Members". This brings up a popup with a field to create a unique drive access code.

Think of the code as a "secret password" that others need to use to join your drive as a new team member.

Joining the Team

For someone to become part of the team, s/he must have an existing account with YouGiveGoods, and be signed in when attempting to join.

To use the access code when joining, s/he needs to be on the User Dashboard. One can get to this by clicking the "My Account" link in the navigation bar, and then selecting "My Dashboard" from the dropdown menu.

On the left-hand side, below the profile picture, there should be a "Join A Team" link. This will bring up a field to enter the access code provided by the Team Captain. Hit "Submit", and if the access code is valid, the drive will have a new team member!

What can I do as a Team Member?

As a Team Captain, one can: customize drive details, including posting updates or choosing a nonprofit/charity; customize the drive's goods shopping cart; publish or delete the drive; and lastly, add, delete, or promote team members.

As a Team Member, one can do all of the above, except manage team members.