CIT Online “Food Fight” Raises Almost 15,000 Pounds of Food

CIT always had a heart to alleviate hunger. But how does an office in New York City run a food drive when they aren’t allowed to have bins of food lined up in the hallway – and how many employees are going to haul groceries down crowded NYC sidewalks to lug in bags of food into their mid-town office anyway? CIT came up with a better idea!

In the spirit of friendly competition for a good cause, CIT set up a YouGiveGoods online “food fight” between 13 different departments, including Corporate Finance, Commercial Services, Transportation, Finance and Risk. Over a two-week period, each department would compete to see who could raise the most food for the Food Bank for New York City.

Sabriya Williams, Marketing Manager, believed that using the YouGiveGoods e-commerce solution to set up the “online shopping for a charity” option as a contest would be a more effective, and a fun way to raise food needed for their local food bank. She knew many people wanted to give the tangible gift of food, and having an online shopping cart offer most-needed food bank items was the easiest way to make this happen. Plus, who doesn’t like a good competition?

All YouGiveGoods needed in order to set up the online “food fight” was the name of each participating department, the duration dates of the food drive, and the official CIT marketing logos and messaging for their custom challenge page. The YouGiveGoods team quickly set up the contest page and sent the link to CIT to share with employees. CIT communicated with teams about the office-wide event and contest, clarifying the cause being supported and the use of our easy online drive system, accessed through a link right on the challenge page.

Now that the challenge was underway, Sabriya wanted a little something extra to get the employees engaged and excited. She came up with the fun (and effective!) idea for herself and her marketing crew to dress up in food costumes and parade around the offices promoting the drive! This creative touch inspired a sense of play and excitement, and the competition continued, with food donations orders placed right up to the very last day of the online drive.

The results were terrific! Almost 15,000 pounds of food were raised online across all the departments, with the official “winner” being the Corporate Finance department, bringing in almost 10,000 pounds of food raised. At the end of the drive, the delivery of all food was coordinated and scheduled by YouGiveGoods, which also facilitated a fun on-site “delivery day” team event for CIT employees. In the end, the Food Bank for NYC came out the true winner in CIT's philanthropic initiative, with generous donations of food allowing them to serve even more in the community.

Thank you to Sabriya for her commitment to running a successful community outreach event with truly tangible results to alleviate hunger in her NYC community.