Northrop Grumman Supports One Cause at Local Levels for Employee Engagement Across the U.S.

Northrop Grumman, a leading global security company, faced a challenge – a way to unite their employees nationally, across four regions, to support one cause, but at a local level to benefit each office’s immediate community. But how does one run a cohesive national corporate-wide event with a sense of team spirit, when offices range all over the country?

Northrop Grumman sought to support their education initiative by raising school supplies for needy children in local communities. They turned to the YouGiveGoods e-commerce solution, expressed through a special online challenge page format. This way, every office could offer supporters the opportunity to shop school supplies to benefit 30 schools in their individual local communities.

At the corporate level, headquarters was able to track the amount of supplies raised for each school as well as combined company results, through the YouGiveGoods challenge page’s online leaderboard.

So how did it work? First, Eric Wilson, Manager of Community Relations at Northrop Grumman headquarters in Virginia, selected the schools they wanted to support and, with the help of YouGiveGoods, determined the most needed school supplies.

With that information, YouGiveGoods customized the online shopping carts for each school, with each individually sponsored by a local Northrop Grumman office. All offices and corresponding sponsored schools were combined together under a universal Northrop Grumman leaderboard.

The rest was up to Eric and his team to spread the word. They created a company-wide email alert explaining the effort to help children across the country, through an easy way to shop online. Employees simply had to find the school nearest their office and click through the custom Northrop Grumman challenge page to shop. The initiative evolved into a true corporate-wide effort to raise goods in local communities all across the country.

Northrop Grumman was delighted. They were able to raise almost 7,000 school supply items, all delivered right to their selected schools after the end of the challenge. They appreciated the ease of set-up, promotion help, the shopping format, and efficient delivery.

And of course, the schools were overjoyed to have waves of school supplies delivered to them at no charge.

Because of the company-wide initiative’s success, Northrop Grumman used the YouGiveGoods e-commerce solution again to help raise food over the holidays, another national program to make a local, tangible difference in each of their communities.

Thanks to Eric Wilson and his team at Northrop Grumman for their ongoing corporate community outreach and for being a great example of taking a national, corporate philanthropic initiative and making a tangible difference in the communities where they live and work.