College of Charleston Greek Life Runs Largest Food Drive Competition

The College of Charleston’s sororities and fraternities are one of the first groups in the nation to use the YouGiveGoods online food drive contest system, for their competition, and the result is a 50 percent increase in food raised from last year.

The food drive was designed as a competition among the Greek community to see which fraternity or sorority can collect the most food donations. With fierce competition and a strong effort from each organization, Kappa Alpha Theta, a sorority, raised the most food.

Last year the Greek community raised 24,000 pounds of food using traditional collection methods to gather the food items. From October 9 to November 6,, helped the students to set up online food drives at the website and use the site’s contest system to track the competition in real time.

"We said starting out that possibly we would be able to raise 30,000 pounds of food at the maximum," said Taylor Dixon, VP of Programming for the Pan-Hellenic Council at Pep Supper. "With the help of YouGiveGoods we definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations."

The food drive is part of the tradition at Pep Supper, which dates back to the 1920s and the recent recipient has been the Lowcountry Food Bank. According to Amy Kosar, Food Solicitor for Lowcountry Food Bank, “Pep Supper is my favorite food drive because I love to see all the college students so engaged. We saw an explosive increase in food this year as a result of the online drive.”

Katherine Pezzella, assistant director of Greek life, says students found that the combination of both an online drive with a traditional drive resulted in an exciting event for all involved. “Clearly this is the way to go,” she said. “It gives so many more options to involve alumni, faculty, parents, families, and other organizations at other schools that want to see their groups win on campus. It gave such a wide audience.”