April 24, 2017 - May 26, 2017

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Sioux Falls, SD
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Help us reach our goal of 500 items by May 26, 2017. Give today at:


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From pet supplies to office supplies, getting the resources we need to effectively care for animals is essential to our mission. We greatly appreciate the generosity of those who help us care for these animals in need and enable us to provide them with a safe haven until finding their forever homes.

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Allison Kolander

We are at 96 items! Woohoo! Thank you to our most recent donors: Kathy, Janell, Brianna, Robin, Deborah, Patricia, and our anonymous donors as well! We are so thankful for you! We'll honor the memory of those you've donated for.

Allison Kolander

We got our first online donation! 1 collar and two pet beds! Thank you for your generous donation, Tanya!

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