PR Relief Preview

for The Salvation Army of Puerto Rico

December 4th 2017 to January 3rd 2018

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$50 Baby Supplies Box

Six 12-ounce bottles of baby shampoo; six 12-ounce bottles of baby wash; three 2-ounce tubes medicated diaper ointment; three boxes of unscented baby wipes


$50 Assorted Diaper Box

Includes: two packs of LUV diapers and two boxes of wipes


Diapers - Size 3

Two 34-ct packs of LUVs diapers - size 3


Diapers - Size 4

Two 29-ct packs of LUVs diapers - size 4


Diapers - Size 5

Two 25-ct packs of LUVs diapers - size 5


Wipes - Unscented

Three boxes of unscented Baby Wipes


Baby Shampoo

Six Twelve-ounce bottles of Baby Shampoo

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