Items Product
27 (14ct) packages of Incognito Overnight Maxi Pads
23 (24ct) packages of Incognito Maxi Pads
12 (3ct) packages of Ivory soap bars
11 (40ct) boxes of Incognito Panty Liners
1 (6ct) packages of Reach toothbrushes
8 85 Piece Creative Art Studios
12 bottles of VO5 conditioner
12 bottles of VO5 Island Coconut shampoo
14 bottles of White Rain body wash
8 DIY Friendship Bracelets
5 DIY Journaling Sets
6 Galactic Bath Bomb DIY kits
4 Stellar Stardust Mood Board Decor Kits
20 tubes of Aim toothpaste
8 Women's hygiene kits