Top 10 Corporate Benefits of YouGiveGoods

YouGiveGoods has been helping companies with their employee giving programs since 2011.

Our service is FREE and the benefits are numerous.

10 Corporate Benefits of YouGiveGoods

  1. Engage all employees including part-time, remote and consulting employees.

  2. Increased impact. The ease and convenience of online shopping means more goods are donated and your effort has greater impact on the community.

  3. Easily integrate your corporate match program. Add links right from your drive event page or post event with our free, in-depth reporting.

  4. Inspire teamwork. Our unique challenge feature enables fun competition between groups/offices/departments, creates excitement as employees track progress in real-time, and unites employees around a great cause.

  5. YouGiveGoods handles all the logisitics. Run an event that impacts your community without the hassle of bulky bins cluttering hallways, sorting, counting or transporting. All items are shipped directly to the nonprofit(s) approximately 10 days* following the close of the drive at no additional charge.

  6. Get the facts about your community impact. Watch drive activity in real-time and receive end of drive data including number of donors, items purchased, retail value, and pounds raised.

  7. Strengthen your brand. Customize your drive with corporate logo, images and messaging.

  8. We can help facilitate your charity relationships. We work directly with the charity before, during and after the drive from the setup of the event through to the delivery of goods on behalf of the corporation.

  9. Create a diverse program. Offering online drives in addition to existing programs throughout the year gives more employees the opportunity to participate how and when they can, and want to.

  10. Support any cause by raising goods. Items available for your drive include food, books, coats, blankets, personal clothing, houseware items, school supplies, disaster relief items, personal care items, pet food and animal shelter supplies.

Expand your CSR program with a few quick, simple steps. YouGiveGoods will help you every step of the way. Contact us today.