A Social Enterprise


YouGiveGoods was founded in 2011 to solve a problem: In a world where we can order anything we need online and have it arrive at our doorstep, collecting goods for charity using cardboard boxes seemed like a system ripe for disruption.

We decided the best way to tackle this outdated system was to use the e-commerce business model. We are proud to be what Forbes calls "the impact model of the future," a for profit social enterprise.

what is a social enterprise?

According to Investopedia: A social enterprise is a commercial organization that has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Social enterprises seek to run efficient operations while maximizing benefits to society and the environment.

As a social enterprise, our goal is to open a new, improved pathway for charities to receive the goods they need to run their programs so more people receive the aid they need. We work to grow the business so we may employ more great people, continuously improve our technology and systems, expand our product lines and deliver even more goods to charities.

why goods not cash?

YouGiveGoods was established on the belief that some charitable people prefer to donate goods either in addition to or in lieu of cash. And while charities rely heavily on cash donations, donations of goods serve an immediate purpose while freeing up cash for other areas of operations.

Our innovation aims not only at simplifying the process of donating goods but improving it by getting only needed, new goods to charities which eliminates the problem of donated goods being damaged, old, or otherwise unable to be used by the charity.

  • No subscription fee, no commitment
    YouGiveGoods collects no fees from the charity or the drive starter and there is absolutely no commitment. In addition, we offer free marketing tools, unbeatable customer service, corporate event reporting and more.
  • A fully integrated system for greater impact
    As an added benefit to our corporate partners, YouGiveGoods service includes integration with your corporate match, foundation match, charitable accounts and payroll deduction. Also, YGG events can be uploaded onto existing workplace giving platforms.
  • Secure and transparent giving
    Unlike a cash donation, there is never any question about how a donor's contribution will be used. All purchased items are delivered to the selected charity at the close of the event.

why YouGiveGoods

  • Raise more for charity
    Our technology is made for social sharing. This peer-to-peer connection, plus the ease of online shopping, makes it possible to raise more items for charity than ever before.
  • Charities are fully vetted
    Donors can be assured that all goods purchased for donation are shipped to the chosen charity which has been vetted by YouGiveGoods staff as an NPO in good standing.
  • More than online shopping
    Unlike services like large online shopping wishlists, YouGiveGoods offers a fully personalized online event, real-time donation tracking, and a designated customer service associate to help plan and facilitate all aspects of your event.

YouGiveGoods can work for you!

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