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YouGiveGoods free workplace giving platform helps corporations create social impact that is measurable, meaningful and engaging.

  • Efficient, effective programs
    Create employee giving campaigns that align with corporate mission, enable employees to make an impact in their communities and raise most needed new goods for charities.
  • Simple, accessible, engaging
    Online drive events are easy to set up, accessible 24/7 to all employees, and provide community impact reporting.
  • Team building
    Create any number of teams within one or between many offices to support one or more charities - can also set up in-person events around goods raised.

See how Northrop Grumman brought together 26 offices to raise over $10,000 worth of school supplies for 26 different schools across the country. This type of coordinated national corporate effort simply wouldn't be feasible without YouGiveGoods!

why expand your CSR?

  • Strong CSR for a strong business
    Successful CSR programs engage employees in a fulfilling manner, promote a positive image to consumers and to the business world, and do social good.
  • Build a world-class workforce
    Providing employees with many opportunities to do charitable work attracts and retains the very best talent and builds a workforce that is happier and more productive.
  • Share a compelling story
    A unique CSR program creates an opportunity for storytelling that captures the attention of employees, consumers and the community.
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