YouGiveGoods helps you support your community in a BIG way

step by step

We give you the tools to create, customize, promote, and manage your drive. You just have to plan how to celebrate its success.

  • Create a drive
    Create and customize a food and/or supplies drive for any cause, free of cost
  • Promote your drive
    Share the drive with others via email, social media, and the help of our built-in tools
  • Shop for a cause
    Supporters visit your page and purchase goods to donate to your nonprofit
  • Deliver tangible aid
    When the drive ends, we deliver all purchased items directly to your nonprofit

why it works

  • Transparency
    Know that what you're buying is exactly what you're giving: whether it’s a can of food, produce, or a blanket.
  • Efficiency
    YouGiveGoods takes care of all the sorting, accounting, and distribution, leaving you focused only on spreading the word!
  • Engagement
    The ease and convenience of our drives allows even more friends, family and coworkers to take part in meaningful philanthropic work.
  • Reach
    Thanks to incorporated social media share tools, our drives reach a much larger audience, anywhere, anytime!
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