Top 10 Benefits

YouGiveGoods has been helping charities engage businesses and supporters to
raise needed goods to support programs since 2012.

Top 10 Benefits of Working with YouGiveGoods

  1. Receive ONLY needed items. Add wishlist items to your event ensuring you receive only items your organization can really use.

  2. Receive brand-new goods. All items ship to you brand-new, presorted and in bulk. No sorting needed. No more disposing of open, damaged or otherwise unusable donations.

  3. Engage businesses and sponsors in a new way. Businesses are choosing YouGiveGoods to expand their CSR programs and take advantage of the real-time results and in-depth reporting.

  4. Follow the trends. Take advantage of the growing popularity of online giving AND online shopping.

  5. Remove barriers to giving. Simplify the process for those donors who prefer to donate tangible goods by removing all of the logistics barriers.

  6. Spend zero marketing dollars. Introduce your organization to a new audience of potential supporters while spending no marketing dollars.

  7. Increase visibility and donations. Supporters start their own event and use built-in social sharing tools to share with their online communities driving donations and visibility of your cause.

  8. Build new relationships online. Engage potential donors where they increasingly spend their leisure time, online.
  9. Earn cash. Earn cash in addition to donated items as part of our Charity Referral Program.

  10. YouGiveGoods does all the work. YouGiveGoods giving platform enables you to engage schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals with little to no time investment from your organization. Everything from drive setup to delivery is handled by YouGiveGoods.

Open a new avenue to donations with an online event for your organzation. YouGiveGoods will help you every step of the way. Contact us today.

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