Top 10 Benefits of YouGiveGoods for Schools & School Groups

Build a stronger school community when you help your neighbors in need with an online giving event raising most-needed, brand-new goods for any nonprofit or school

  1. Engage alumni & supporters near and far with an online event open for donations 24/7.

  2. Increased impact. The ease and convenience of online shopping means more goods are donated and your effort has greater impact on the community.

  3. Donate safely. Our low-touch, high-impact donation system enables supporters to support your cause from the safety of their homes

  4. Inspire teamwork. Our unique challenge feature enables fun competition between teams/homerooms/groups, creates excitement as supporters track progress in real-time, and unites your school community around a great cause.

  5. YouGiveGoods handles all the logisitics. Run an event that impacts your community without the hassle of bulky bins collecting germs and cluttering hallways, sorting, counting or transporting. All items are shipped directly to the nonprofit(s) approximately 10 days* following the close of the drive at no additional charge.

  6. Get the facts about your community impact. Watch drive activity in real-time and receive end of drive data including number of donors, items purchased, retail value, and pounds raised.

  7. Show your colors Let you school community show their spirit by coming together with a social impact event that makes them proud of their school/alma mater!

  8. We help build your charity relationship. We act on your behalf and work directly with the charity before, during and after the drive from the setup of the event through to the delivery of goods.

  9. Impactful community service. Fill required community service hours or volunteer projects with a YouGiveGoods online drive. Request our volunteer hours worksheet to track your hours and submit for approvals.

  10. Support any cause by raising goods. Items available for your drive include healthy food, fresh produce, multi-cultural books, school supplies, toys, coats, blankets, personal clothing, houseware items, disaster relief items, military support items, personal care items and more.

Make an impact in your community with a few quick, simple steps. YouGiveGoods will help you every step of the way. Contact us today.