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Build up your local community with a virtual drive that rallies students, staff, teachers, alumni & supporters around a cause in a safe, measurable, tangible way.

  • A force for good
    Unite and mobilize your school community around a social impact event aiding people in your immediate area or anywhere in the U.S.
  • Good knows no bounds
    Free from the physical boundaries of a collection box drive, dedicated alumni and remote students can contribute to the cause no matter their location.
  • More good gets done
    Our simple, online drive system makes it easy to engage your entire school community, near and far. When you make it easy to give, more will give, and more good gets done.

Calling all sports teams, fraternities/sororities, alumni groups, clubs, and school organizations! Be the group that gets it all started. Contact us today to learn about our multi-team challenge events where you can engage other teams and groups to raise for your cause while adding the fun element of competition.

the technology to do more good

Our one-of-a-kind platform makes it easy to do good in your community and beyond.

  • No fees, no commitment
    Put our expertise to work for you with no risk, obligation or fee.
  • Increased impact
    It’s so easy to tap into your online community via email and your social networks. YouGiveGoods giving events were made for social sharing! Supporters love the ease of online shopping and the ability to choose exactly the items they want to contribute.
  • Safe, transparent giving
    People can shop and donate items safely from their own home and can feel confident knowing that 100% of their donation will get into the hands of a person in need.

Wondering if an online drive will catch the attention of your school community? Let's just say if you get behind it, the sky's the limit. Take a look at how seven New York metro area Jesuit high schools came together to help feed the hungry in their communities with their "Ignatian Challenge" collectively raising over 67,000 pounds of food during their 2020 campaign!

A Win-Win

  • Loud and proud
    Rallying together to do good in the name of their school, team or group is not only an opportunity to help others but a wonderful way to show their school pride.
  • Eliminate waste
    Collection box drives yield an incredible amount of waste when donors donate items that are damaged, opened, expired or simply not needed by the nonprofit creating more work for already understaffed nonprofits and ultimately more waste.
  • Sustainability
    Consider all of the individual trips to the store, to the collection box site, and to the nonprofit recipient of a collection box drive. And online wishlist drives deliver items as purchases are made, resulting in many, many small shipments and deliveries to the nonprofit. YouGiveGoods consolidates all donations at the end of the giving event and delivers in bulk in one shipment to the nonprofit.*

*deliveries may be made in multiple shipments due to inventory or vendor issues.

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