Challenge your company to make an even bigger impact with a YouGiveGoods Giving Challenge Event

Take the hassle of logistics out of your next drive and add the element of fun competition with a YouGiveGoods Giving Challenge Event. Choose any number of teams to support one or multiple charities. Set up teams by department, location, floor or team leader. The possibilities are endless and make your already unique giving event even more exciting!

Our innovative challenge technology takes your drive to the next level

  • Teams track their results in real-time -- excitement builds as they compete to raise the most
  • Reporting includes number of donors, items purchased, dollars spent, and pounds raised
  • Each team can choose a local recipient charity -- any charity across the US -- or all choose to support one charity
  • Anyone, anywhere can be part of a team, even part-time, consulting and remote employees. Now no one is left out
  • It's interactive, fun, and helps you make an even bigger impact

Need some more ideas? Check out past giving challenge events:

And we make it so easy! All we need are your team names and/or names of he charities you'd like to support to set up the challenge for you. And we'll help you promote your drive event with our free online marketing tools. office flyers, and even samples to display around the office. Plus we can provide small gifts for you to reward donors.

If you are interested in running a challenge or multi-charity event but need to preview with your team first, send us your information and we can create a demo page for you to present to your colleagues.

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