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Rally your supporters and online community in a safe, measurable, tangible way to help those in need.

  • Safe, transparent giving
    Supporters shop from the safety of their homes and know that 100% of their purchase will be delivered to the selected charity and into the hands of someone in need.
  • Simple, accessible, engaging
    YouGiveGoods giving events are free, easy to set up and accessible 24/7 to all supporters near and far.
  • Collection box drives 2.0
    With today's focus on preventing the spread of germs and infection, online drives help raise the products nonprofits need to run their programs safely and efficiently.

Gone are the days when boy/girl scouts knocked on doors selling cookies or collecting donations. But your troop, your club, your sports team or you yourself can continue to be a power for good in your community by holding a YouGiveGoods giving event raising most-needed, brand-new products for any local nonprofit or school. See how one boy scout troop raised over 5,000 items for the Capital Area Food Bank in Washington, D.C.

the technology to do more good

YouGiveGoods makes it easy to do good in your community and beyond.

  • No fees, no commitment
    Put our expertise to work for you with no risk, obligation or fee. Running online drives raising and delivering products to nonprofits is all we do and have been doing since 2011. Learn more about how YouGiveGoods operates as a social enterprise LLC and can offer our no fee service.
  • Increased impact
    It’s so easy to tap into your online community via email and your social networks with a YouGiveGoods giving event. Supporters love the ease of online shopping and the ability to choose exactly the items they want to contribute.
  • Expand your reach
    No longer constrained by the physical boundaries of a collection box drive, friends and family no matter their location can support your cause by shopping your online event.

The greener way to give

  • Less driving, less pollution
    Collection box drives mean countless trips to stores, collection sites and the NPO. Online wishlists deliver as purchases are made, resulting in many small shipments to the NPO. YouGiveGoods delivers donated items at the end of the drive in bulk to the NPO.*
  • Eliminate waste
    Collection box drives yield waste when donated items are damaged, opened, expired or simply not needed.
  • Sustainability
    YouGiveGoods helps you do your part to contribute to the UN Sustainability Goals of zero hunger, good health and well-being, quality education, and reduced inequalities.

*deliveries may be made in multiple shipments due to inventory or vendor issues.

YouGiveGoods can work for you!

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