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Items Product
32 (100ct) packages of college ruled filler paper
30 (100ct) packages of index cards
40 (12ct) boxes of Bic black stic pens
32 (12ct) boxes of Bic blue stic pens
4 (12ct) boxes of Bic red stic pens
66 (12ct) boxes of Colorations colored pencils
8 (12ct) boxes of Crayola colored pencils
148 (12ct) packages of pencils
365 (18-inch) backpacks
36 (4ct) packages of highlighters
3 (4ct) packages of sticky notes
96 (6ct) packages of pencil cap erasers
4 (8ct) boxes of Crayola washable broad tip markers
104 (8GB) flash drives
12 (9ct) Kleenex tissues pocket packs
162 college ruled composition notebooks
42 college ruled one-subject notebooks
56 compasses
104 earbuds
14 grid ruled composition notebooks
725 Middle/High School Supplies Kits
6 packages of 5-tab binder dividers
24 pencil bags
12 pencil sharpeners
96 pink erasers
264 protractors
108 rulers
134 Sentry CA656 scientific calculators
216 two-pocket folders
18 vinyl 1.5 inch binders
18 wide ruled 1-subject notebooks