Items Product
2 (10ct) packages of Hanes men's crew socks
5 (16ct) packages of Always Infinity pads
1 (3ct) packages of Hanes (S:8) women's briefs
22 (3ct) packages of Ivory soap bars
2 (40ct) boxes of Tampax tampons
2 (50ct) boxes of disposable face masks
2 bottles of hand sanitizer
6 bottles of VO5 conditioner
42 bottles of VO5 shampoo
6 bottles of White Rain body wash
6 hygiene toiletries kits
4 sticks of Lady Speed Stick Deodorant
28 sticks of Speed Stick Deodorant
18 sticks of Sure deodorant
72 toothbrushes
50 tubes of Aim toothpaste
24 wash cloths