Corporate school supply drives support millions of U.S. children in need

Mendham, N.J., July 9 – Even as adults, most of us can remember the feelings around the first day of school: the brilliant sunlight of a fall morning; the crisp, new outfit chosen with care; the sharp points of freshly sharpened pencils; the nerves as the bus rounds the corner. But, does everyone experience this sense of an exciting, fresh beginning?

Unfortunately, for low income and homeless kids the experience is vastly different. Already at a disadvantage in so many ways, these kids face the start of a new school year with apprehension, and with good reason. Kids from low income homes are more likely to:

  • start school with limited language skills
  • be chronically absent from school
  • have less parental support with homework
  • lack basic necessities like food, clothing, healthcare & housing
  • are five times more likely to drop out of school than students from higher income families

Sadly, we're talking about lots of kids. The National School Lunch Program provides meals to more than 30 million children on an average day. That’s 30 million children who will start this school year wondering if other kids will notice their lack of school supplies rather than ready to tackle learning.

Think about what it would mean for these kids to start the school year off with the tools they need to succeed in school. Corporations invested in corporate social responsibility are poised to make a big difference in local communities across the country. When employees ban together the impact is exponential. Not sure if a school supply drive is right for your company? Check out our article on Tips for Running a School Supply Drive. And, here’s four good reasons to run a corporate school supply drive:

1) Grow your CSR program: Employees may struggle to find a personal connection to corporate causes but the vast majority of them will have a very personal connection to local area schools and kids. This relationship typically translates into greater participation and employee satisfaction. And, technology exists to help businesses with their efforts while avoiding the clutter and hassle of collection bins. For example, YouGiveGoods, a free giving platform, enables companies to run their school supply drive online. Shopping is open 24/7 and results can be viewed in real-time. At the end of the drive, supplies can be shipped directly to the school(s) or chosen organization (e.g. Boys & Girls Clubs; Kids In Need Foundation) or they can ship to the corporation for a team-building packing event.

2) Make a local impact: Do some research into needs in your area. Chances are your corporation alone could supply a number of schools in your district with the supplies they need for their lower income kids. Or, choose to partner with one area school that has an enormous need and plan to support them all year long. While school supply drives are typically run in the summer, kids go through the supplies and replenishments are needed throughout the school year.

3) Invest in your community: Your school supply drive is a tangible investment in your local community. Establishing your company as a source for good in the community has countless benefits to the business and your employees, not to mention to the children and the community as a whole. In addition to school supplies, your CSR program can expand to support these schools with mentoring programs and more volunteer opportunities for employees.

4) Make a real difference: There are not many programs you can present to employees that will make such a deep yet immediate difference. Let employees know that their purchases can change the trajectory of the lives of students as starting school with the proper school supplies can:
  • boost self-esteem
  • promote learning
  • improve academic performance
  • help keep kids in school

Education and poverty are complexly tangled.1 By giving kids the tools they need to succeed in school your company can keep kids on track to receive the education that can help lift them up. The gift of fully stocked school supplies can give these kids the spark they need to approach school and even their futures with optimism and hope.


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