Extreme weather is becoming commonplace in our news today. Most recently it was Hurricane Ida which hit Louisiana on August 29 as a category 4 hurricane and was responsible for 81 deaths and devastation across 8 states. The aftermath of Hurricane Ida will be felt for months to come.

Residents affected by the storm are in need of help now and will continue to need our support after their storis have left the headlines. Luckily, there are local and national nonprofits that jump in to aid victims throughout crises. Organizations in Louisiana accepting cash donations include United Way of Southeast Louisiana, The Greater New Orleans Foundation, and Imagine Water Works.

Cash donations are valuable to a relief effort, but many people prefer the transparency of donating needed goods and supplies to the disaster site. Donations of goods are another important aspect of disaster relief but the logistics can be extremely tricky. YouGiveGoods giving platform has removed the cumbersome logistics and simplified the process of getting supplies to a disaster site.

We've been in contact with The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services and The Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana and are currently running online food and supply drives benefiting these organizations. We are also setting up drives supporting over 9,500 Afghan refugees arriving at Fort Dix, NJ, in support of Haiti following the August 14 earthquake and drives supporting those affected by the California wildfires.

YouGiveGoods makes it easy to rally your company, school, organization or online community to support areas hit hard by extreme weather by raising brand-new needed items such as food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies, clothing (underwear, socks, t-shirts), blankets and more delivered by YouGiveGoods to your selected nonprofit organization providing emergency response.

It was a horrific natural disaster that brought about YouGiveGoods.com ten years ago. When a massive earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, YouGiveGoods' founders wanted to help but giving a cash donation was not advised due to corruption in the Haitian government. They then discovered that there was no easy way to donate goods to the relief effort and the idea for YouGiveGoods was born.

Unfortunately, emergency situations due to extreme weather and other circumstances seem to happen with more frequency. As we watch situations unfold in real time, so many are compelled to help ease victims’ suffering. Supporting those organizations on the ground in the time of disaster is so important. It is through the generosity and support of strangers that victims and communities are able to slowly rebuild what was lost.

Help victims of Hurricane Ida with a virtual drive raising brand-new food and supplies for the relief effort.

Your virtual drive raising brand-new, most-needed items for disaster relief is free to run

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