Happy GivingTuesday! Today, Tuesday, November 29, after the frenzy of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re encouraged to step back and remember the reason for the season by joining the global generosity movement that is GivingTuesday. The simple mission of GivingTuesday is to highlight a day to encourage people to do good by giving, collaborating, and spreading generosity on a global scale.

There are many ways you can be a part of Giving Tuesday this year. With so many choices, there’s little reason not to!


1 - Give Kindness: Spread the mission of GivingTuesday by making a point of spreading kindness today. Whether it’s a small act of complimenting a stranger or a larger act of calling a friend you have lost touch with, the effort you spend spreading kindness will never be wasted. Check out GivingTuesday's 50 powerful acts of kindess for ideas.


2 - Give the Gift of Time:

Explore volunteermatch.org to match with inspiring causs and opportunities to volunteer. Charities can’t function without volunteers, so the gift of your time and help is invaluable. Don’t worry if you can’t volunteer on the Nov. 29th, your favorite charity is ready for you all year long!


3 - Get Social:

The GivingTuesday movement is powered by social media. Here's your opportunity to use your social media for good! Spread the word today on your social network and rally your online community to join the global generosity movement. Explore GivingTuesday's official social media toolkit for ideas.


4 - Donate/raise goods

Make an immediate impact when you donate brand-new items that nonprofits need to run their programs. And no need to burden anyone with the difficult logistics of a traditional collection box drive. YouGiveGoods online drive platform makes it easy to raise most-needed goods since all the logistics are handles for you. Find out more at YouGiveGoods.com.


5 - Discover the most critical issues

Find lists of highly rated organizations that are working to help those affected by man-made or natural disasters and crises that could use your help now. See the lists on CharityNavigator.org.


Now in it's 10th year, GivingTuesday continues to grow its mission of transforming the world through radical generosity. Take advantage of all of the resources provided by GivingTuesday.org to make the most of your effort on this special day. And, contact us at EventSpecialist@YouGiveGoods.com anytime to learn more about how individuals, companies, organizations and schools are using YouGiveGoods giving events to build up their local communities.