Diapers are not a luxury, they are an absolute necessity. They are necessary to keep babies and toddlers clean, dry and healthy. Diapers are expensive and they are used up fast; a baby goes through roughly 2000 – 3000 diapers in a year. According to the National Diaper Bank Network, 1 in 3 U.S. families suffer from diaper need.

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There is a need to educate the public on the diaper need problem and encourage diaper donations and diaper drives. Diaper drives have been simplified with the online drive system, YouGiveGoods. You can help a struggling mother take care of her baby or toddler by running a diaper drive.

Certainly, not having diapers for a child is a health risk. A mother may choose to stretch her diaper supply by having her baby sit in a wet or soiled diaper. According to a report in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, diapers “are the first line of defense against infection and disease — and are even linked to preventing depression and violence.”

Today an estimated 300+ diaper banks operate in 45 states assisting struggling families in providing this basic need for their young children. All the information from diaper banks has the same bottom line, the need far exceeds the supply and there is no real light at the end of the tunnel. YouGiveGoods has made it easy to help by running a diaper drive or donating diapers with the click of a button. YouGiveGoods online drive system offers all the products you need for a diaper drive including diapers in all sizes, wipes and ointments. Consider finding a corporate sponsor for your diaper drive to increase its reach. See how the Aetna Hartford, CT office raised over 2,500 diapers for their local diaper bank using YouGiveGoods.

Millions of children are potentially harmed due to diaper need. Statistics show 5.3 million children under 3 live in low-income families. And, low-income families receive no government support when it comes to diapers. Programs like food stamps and WIC, for example, do not cover diapers, a basic health need for babies and toddlers.

Diaper need is also associated with opportunity and education for lower income children. Typically, a parent must supply a child care center with disposable diapers in order for the child to be accepted. Without meeting this requirement, a parent may be unable to consistently hold down a job which feeds the cycle of poverty.

Likewise, early childhood education programs also frequently require a parent supply diapers as a part of enrollment in the program. Without meeting this requirement, babies and toddler would miss this opportunity which has proven effective: children who take part in early childhood education are 3 times more likely to go on to higher education.

It is very clear that diaper need is a problem for both children and parents with terrible short and long-term consequences. Until the government is able to properly address the issue, it is up to compassionate people and nonprofit organizations to help fill the need.

The best way to help alleviate the diaper need problem is to support your local diaper bank. Below are the top four ways to show your support:

  • Run a diaper drive. Diapers are bulky so most find an online drive works great. YouGiveGoods online drive are free to run and offer diapers, wipes, and ointments. Plus online drives are easy to share via email and social media. Tap into your social networks and make a real difference in the lives of area families. See how The United Way of Hunterton County, NJ raised over 2,000 diapers using YouGiveGoods.
  • Donate diapers. There can never be too many diapers, trust us!
  • Donate money or hold a fundraiser for a diaper bank. Cash donations help keep these organizations operating day after day.
  • Educate your community. Diaper need is a relatively unknown problem. When people are educated on the problem and the need many are compelled to contribute. Educating your community can have exponential results and work great in conjunction with a fundraiser or diaper drive.

Let’s choose to make a difference and support a local diaper bank. Your contribution will help keep a baby healthy and give a parent the peace of mind of doing right by their child.

*Unless otherwise noted statistics and facts are taken from nationaldiaperbanknetwork.org