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DIY Friendship Bracelets

Create 50 unique friendship bracelets that express your personality and style. 600 Faceted Beads, 52 Cube Alphabet Beads, 5 Neon Friendship Thread, 15 Colored Friendship Thread, Elastic Cording 7 yd., 5 Safety Pins, Bead Weaving Needle, Daisy Charm, Easy-to-Follow Instructions (Ages:8+)

8 DIY Friendship Bracelets given.

Includes shipping/handling

Galactic Bath Bombs Kit

Create up to 5 fun shaped and colorful bath bombs! Includes 3 Bath Bomb Molds, 1 Bag of Baking Soda, 5 Bags of Bath Bomb Mix, 1 Tub of Coconut Oil, 3 Bags of Mica Powder, 2 Fragrance Droppers, 1 Bag of Glitter, 1 Poster, Easy-to-Follow Instructions. (Ages 8+)

6 Galactic Bath Bomb DIY kits given.

Includes shipping/handling

85 Piece Creative Art Studio

Everything a budding artist needs to create their next masterpiece! Art supplies enclosed in a wood case with easy-carry handle. Set includes crayons, markers, oil pastels, water colors, paint brush, glue tube, pencil sharpener, and ruler. (6+)

8 85 Piece Creative Art Studios given.

Includes shipping/handling

DIY Journaling Set

Customize a 70-sheet spiral journal to include all your thoughts, expressions and memories with stickers, gems, glitter, frames, clips, magnetic bookmarks, tassel keychain & more. Pen Included. (Ages12+)

5 DIY Journaling Sets given.

Includes shipping/handling

Stellar Stardust Mood Board Decor Kit

Decorate the rainbow-shaped corkboard with the included ribbons, sequins, sticker, and shapes. Add photos with the push pins. Use the sage spray to fill a room with joy and positivity. (Ages: 8+)

4 Stellar Stardust Mood Board Decor Kits given.

Includes shipping/handling