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Items Product
6 (18ct) boxes of Quaker granola bars
24 (1lb) bags of white rice
14 (2lb) boxes of Barilla spaghetti
72 bags of Best Yet brown rice
16 bottles of strawberry jelly
12 bottles of Welch's grape jelly
30 boxes of Barilla whole grain spaghetti
24 boxes of Best Yet toasted oats cereal
10 boxes of elbow pasta
308 boxes of Hungry Jack mashed potatoes
90 boxes of Kraft mac & cheese
52 boxes of MAYPO Quick Oats
110 boxes of penne pasta
118 boxes of Stovetop stuffing
6 boxes of Wheatena cereal
6 cans of Best Yet chicken
56 cans of Best Yet Chunky Chicken soup
18 cans of Best Yet corn
205 cans of Best Yet green beans
192 cans of Best Yet turkey gravy
148 cans of black beans
30 cans of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs
6 cans of chicken
8 cans of Hormel chili
106 cans of Hunt's pasta sauce
16 cans of mixed vegetables
16 cans of mixed vegetables
112 cans of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce
56 cans of Princella sweet potatoes
4 cans of sliced carrots
48 cans of Starkist tuna
50 cans of tuna
40 cans of tuna
42 cartons of Natrel shelf stable milk
302 Dole fruit cups
500 face masks
24 jars of Jif peanut butter
166 jars of peanut butter
40 packages of Luigi Vitelli spaghetti