Items Product
8 (12ct) packages of Best Yet bath tissue rolls
14 (16ct) boxes of Summer's Eve personal wipes
28 (16ct) packages of Always Infinity pads
29 (20ct) packages of Carefree Panty Liners
5 (23ct) packages of Cuties size 6 diapers
4 (27ct) packages of Cuties size 5 diapers
5 (31ct) packages of Cuties size 4 diapers
5 (36ct) packages of Cuties size 3 diapers
20 (3ct) packages of Best Yet paper towels
12 (3ct) packages of Ivory soap bars
28 (40ct) boxes of Tampax tampons
5 (42ct) packages of Cuties size 2 diapers
1 (50ct) boxes of disposable face masks
6 (50ct) packages of Cuties size 1 diapers
15 (72ct) packages of Cuties baby wipes
4 bottles of Suave body lotion
30 bottles of VO5 conditioner
42 bottles of VO5 shampoo
30 bottles of White Rain body wash
6 boxes of Best Yet facial tissues
16 Gold Choice pillows
9 hygiene toiletries kits
3 packages of BIC razors
20 Premium Hygiene Kits
14 St Moritz bath towels - white
43 sticks of Sure deodorant
96 toothbrushes
63 tubes of Aim toothpaste
19 twin blankets
48 wash cloths