Items Product
4 (12ct) packages of Best Yet bath tissue rolls
9 (6ct) packages of adult socks
6 (6ct) packages of Reach toothbrushes
4 (8ct) packs of Keebler Club and Cheddar Sandwich Crackers
12 bags of Jack Link's beef jerky
10 Best Yet Mac & Cheese Cups
6 bottles of Dial shampoo and body wash
2 bottles of Dove body wash
42 bottles of VO5 Island Coconut shampoo
6 Colgate toothbrushes
32 hygiene toiletries kits
6 Imperial Nuts Power Blend Packs
3 Men’s Hygiene Kits
4 sticks of Lady Speed Stick Deodorant
4 sticks of Speed Stick Deodorant
56 tubes of Aim toothpaste
5 Women's hygiene kits