Items Product
10 (72ct) packages of Good Sense unscented baby wipes
3 (8ct) boxes of Quaker granola bars
12 bags of Best Yet brown rice
10 bottles of Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo
12 boxes of Austin cheese crackers with cheddar
10 boxes of Carozzi spaghetti
6 boxes of General Mills Cheerios
10 boxes of Kraft mac & cheese
9 boxes of Welch's fruit snacks
6 canisters of Quaker quick oats
42 cans of Best Yet fruit cocktail
30 cans of Best Yet green beans
48 cans of Best Yet peaches
22 cans of Chicken of the Sea tuna
6 cans of Del Monte pasta sauce
4 cans of Maxwell House coffee
19 cans of Progresso Italian meatball soup
27 jars of Jif peanut butter
5 packages of size 4 Luvs diapers
7 packages of size 5 Luvs diapers
10 tubes of Desitin diaper ointment