Ending Hunger Begins With You

Food banks and pantries rely on donations to help keep up with need in their communities. Individuals can make a difference when they donate food or funds, hold a food drive or volunteer at their local food pantry.

At YouGiveGoods, we make donating food easy. Start a GoodsDrive for a food bank near you, and help end hunger in your community today.

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Donate to A Food Bank Today

Acts of generosity and the kindness of strangers helps feed those struggling to put food on the table every day.

You can make a difference in the lives of the hidden hungry in your community by donating food directly from YouGiveGoods.

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Why Donate Food?

YouGiveGoods has introduced a new way to raise food with our free, online drive service, where friends and family all over the country can donate food to support your drive. YouGiveGoods handles all the logistics for both the drive organizers and donors, it is easier than ever to help. Start a YouGiveGoods food drive to support your local food pantry or food bank today.

Individuals, companies, groups and schools can make a real difference in their communities. See how St. Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia, PA raised over 8,200 items to create holiday food baskets for families in their local communities for Thanksgiving.

How big of a problem is hunger in the United States?

Unfortunately, the facts and figures of hunger in America are startling:

  • 1 in 7 Americans have sought food assistance
  • 46.5 million Americans, including 12 million children and 7 million seniors, utilize a food bank
  • 69% of Feeding America client households have had to choose between food and utilities
  • More than 20% - 1 in 5 - children live at risk of hunger
  • 1 in 8 American households receives benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as food stamps)

You can run a successful food drive with YouGiveGoods. Here's how:

Set Clear Goals
Choose a number of items to raise. Share updates with your supporters frequently and ask them to help you reach (or exceed) your goal.
Donate Most-Needed Foods
Ask for specific goods such as peanut butter, pasta, or canned fruits. Luckily, YouGiveGoods populates your online drive with most-needed items for you.
Spread the Word
Make it personal. Tell your story, share your goals and ask for support. Ask friends and supporters to share your drive posts with their own online communities. Social media can be an extremely powerful tool especially when paired with a quick and easy link to your YouGiveGoods online drive. Need some ideas? YouGiveGoods is here to help.
Run a GoodsDrive
The logistics of a traditional collection box drive can be cumbersome for the drive organizers as well as potential donors. YouGiveGoods online drives are free to run and offer pre-selected most-needed items lists for your convenience.

YouGiveGoods drives are easy to set up, fun to use, effective, efficient, and are easily promoted via email and social media. Now, friends and family across the country can support your cause by shopping your online drive. All goods are delivered to the school or nonprofit recipient at the close of the drive.
Make It Fun
Hold contests between grades, groups, departments, etc… Friendly competition can really boost donations! See how Northrop Grumman raised over $11,000 worth of food in 30 U.S. cities as part of their holiday giving campaign by running a YouGiveGoods challenge drive.
Say Thank You
Helping others is thanks in itself, but reach out, and thank donors for their generosity. Email and social media make it easy to say thank you.

With a simple act, you can support a struggling family by donating to a food bank today.

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