What can you do when disaster strikes? In today's digital age, heartwrenching images from disasters appear on our phones, TVs and computers almost immediately. Seeing this raw human suffering in real-time moves many to ask, how can I help? In these situations, time is of the essence.

A quick online search will likely yield a number of trustworthy organizations accepting cash donations. Cash donations are valuable to a relief effort. But, many people prefer the transparency of donating needed goods and supplies to the disaster site. Donations of goods are another important aspect of disaster relief but the logistics can be tricky. Luckily, YouGiveGoods giving platform has removed the cumbersome logistics and simplified the process of getting supplies to a disaster site.

A YouGiveGoods' online drive is a simple, effective and efficient way to get brand-new, needed supplies to a disaster site as quickly as possible.

  • 1) Provide quick response. In the event of an unforeseen disaster, prompt response is crucial. Getting an online drive up and running only takes a matter of minutes. You can share your drive link with others via email and social networks and immediately begin raising goods for victims. In response to the 2017 category 5 hurricane that devastated Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria, individuals and companies using YouGiveGoods delivered over $65,000 worth of food and supplies to the nonprofits in Puerto Rico and the USVI caring for victims.
  • 2) Powerful alternative to cash. Tangible goods means the utmost transparency in giving. In times following disaster, supporters may feel concerned about how cash contributions are used. By picking items to donate, supporters know exactly how their help is being employed. Most-needed items for clean-up following a disaster are available on YouGiveGoods.
  • 3) Your company can make an even bigger impact. Many corporations are doing wonderful work in their communities. In the face of disaster companies can provide tangible support by running an online drive with YouGiveGoods. For example, Aetna offices quickly mobilized to support victims of historic flooding in the Midwest in 2015 with an online food drive to support food banks feeding victims. An online drive makes it possible for a company with offices across the country to work together to deliver goods to one site - incorporating multiple offices increases the impact exponentially. Read more about how to poise your company to make a difference in the face of disaster here.
  • 4) Technology streamlines drive logistics. Our technology saves time for everyone: the donor does not need to drive to the store and to the collection site; the organizer does not need to drive to the collection sites, pack, load and transport to the nonprofit; the nonprofit doesn't need volunteers to sort through items.
  • 5) Only brand-new, needed items are delivered. An unseen problem of traditional collection box drives is that frequently items dropped off for donation are damaged, expired, or otherwise unusable. The nonprofit is then left with the work of properly disposing of these goods. When you set up your online drive, only needed items are made available for purchase and all of those items are brand-new, presorted, bulk packaged and shipped.
  • 6) YouGiveGoods expertise at your service. Determining the best nonprofit recipient during times of trauma can be difficult. YouGiveGoods works with nonprofits across the country everyday and are able to pinpoint the best partner to get goods to victims and those rebuilding as quickly as possible in the event of disaster.

Using YouGiveGoods to help when disaster hits is picking up steam. In March 2016, Aetna employees and supporters used YouGiveGoods to raise over 80,000 bottles of water for the people of Flint, Michigan in the wake of the ongoing water contamination crisis there. Also, in the past the YouGiveGoods platform has been used to raise goods for victims of the devastating flooding in West Virginia; tornadoes that hit Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, Alabama; Moore, Oklahoma; Joplin, Missouri, as well as Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

Online drives are quick and easy to setup and share with supporters and employees. Everybody, regardless of location, can be included in the effort. Our growing list of disaster relief items include food, water, linens, cleaning supplies, paper products, socks, t-shirts, personal care items and more. Talk to us about how we can help you and your company make a difference when disaster strikes.

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