October 22, 2018 - November 9, 2018

The Prep Thanksgiving Food Drive 2018

for St. Joseph's Prep Hurtado Food Pantry

Philadelphia, PA
9,035 of 8,920 items
Drive has Ended!

Help us reach our goal of 8,920 items by November 9, 2018. Give today at:


Sponsored by

Mission & Ministry, Hurtado Food Pantry

The annual Thanksgiving Food Drive is an effort to provide families in the immediate vicinity of the Prep with needed food items (as well as other groups throughout the city).
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Started by

Leo Vaccaro
All Other Contributors3,831 items
ADV 9A - Kelly/Kravetz207 items
ADV 9B - Kilpatrick/Porter268 items
ADV 9C - Chen/Camma112 items
ADV 9D - Murphy/Avington 227 items
ADV 9E- Giuliano/Foldesy161 items
ADV 9F - Kearney/Lynch56 items
ADV 9G - Fortin/Brown181 items
ADV 9H - De Simone/Gilbert90 items
ADV 9I - Groch/Miller118 items
ADV 9J - Schwartz/Whelan171 items
ADV 9K - Gulli/Monroe134 items
ADV 10A - Sullivan/Ashcom28 items
ADV 10B - Falcone/Weed109 items
ADV 10C - Castagno/Gambone94 items
ADV 10D - Rupertus/Ambrose836 items
ADV 10E - Brown/Griffin37 items
ADV 10F - Callaghan/Zazyczny44 items
ADV 10G - Campbell/Nelson61 items
ADV 10H - Morrissey/Lederer120 items
ADV 10I - Conners/San Chirico151 items
ADV 11A - Raffa/Cook225 items
ADV 11B - Oldham/Farren67 items
ADV 11C - Fabry/Pinto127 items
ADV 11D - Dougherty/Patragnoni46 items
ADV 11E - Primick/Doyle194 items
ADV 11F - Pohlig/Sokolowski91 items
ADV 11G - Coyle/Quinter39 items
ADV 11H - Baland/McManus10 items
ADV 11I - Feighan/Mullen12 items
ADV 12A - Nunes/Koenig140 items
ADV 12B - Schlegel/McCloskey102 items
ADV 12C - Vaccaro/Powell151 items
ADV 12D - Hendrzak/Hinh95 items
ADV 12E - Hilton/McKinley45 items
ADV 12F - McGlynn/Gerardi12 items
ADV 12G - Martin/Kania5 items
ADV 12H - Smith/Fife 85 items
ADV MM - Dushel/Pooler553 items

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