October 21, 2019 - November 22, 2019

The Great Ignatian Challenge - St. Joseph's Prep

for St. Joseph's Prep Hurtado Food Pantry

Philadelphia, PA
7,936 of 9,400 items
6 Days Remaining
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Help us reach our goal of 9,400 items by November 22, 2019. Give today at:


Sponsored by

Mission & Ministry, Hurtado Food Pantry and USA Northeast Province of the Society of Jesus (The Jesuits)

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GOAL OF 403 Filled Baskets are needed - THANK YOU for your support!

NPO Name

Started by

Leo Vaccaro
All Other Contributors2,104 items
9A - Nunes/Andraka314 items
9B - Schlegel/McCloskey111 items
9C - Vaccaro/Pauloski109 items
9D - Hendrzak/Hoffman217 items
9E- Robinson/McKinley342 items
9F - McGlynn/Bigeleisen129 items
9G - Martin/Kania37 items
9H - Smith/Fife134 items
10A - Kelly/Kravetz34 items
10B - Kilpatrick/Scannapieco89 items
10C - Chen/Camma18 items
10D - Murphy/Avington186 items
10E - Morgan/Hilton90 items
10F - Kearney/Lynch92 items
10G - Fortin/Brown589 items
10H - De Simone75 items
10I - Groch/Miller90 items
10J - Koenig/Whelan200 items
10K - Gulli/Monroe169 items
11A - Sullivan/Ashcom45 items
11B - Falcone/Weed96 items
11C - Castagno/Gambone100 items
11D - Rupertus/Ambrose25 items
11E - Brown/Griffin126 items
11F - Callaghan/Zazyczny152 items
11G - Campbell/Nelson153 items
11H - Lederer/Wagner109 items
11I - Conners/San Chirico167 items
12A - Raffa/Cook261 items
12B - Oldham/O'Connor195 items
12C - Fabry/Pinto518 items
12D - Dougherty/Patragnoni121 items
12E - Primick/Doyle103 items
12F - Pohlig/Bink44 items
12G - Coyle/Quinter86 items
12H- Baland/Burdsall34 items
12I - Mullen/Jimenez79 items
MM - Dushel/Lawlor393 items

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