Long Island Cares registers as a Charity Partner Program with YouGiveGoods to build engagement and raise more food to serve Long Island families in need.

In the summer of 2017, Long Island Cares reached out to YouGiveGoods for help running their virtual food drives that were sponsored by local businesses, associations, schools and individual volunteers. Their goal was to increase the amount of food and supplies raised to support their programs throughout the year by building community engagement and simplifying the process of running food drives.

See below graphic on how all the moving parts came together seemlessly. View the page of one of their events to see the details here.

As a result of working with YouGiveGoods from June-December, 2017, YouGiveGoods hosted 74 drives for Long Island Cares, raising over 46,000 items which earned Long Island Cares a cash gift of $1,400 from YouGiveGoods.

Charities everywhere can benefit from our free giving platform by offering volunteers a new way to help, building online engagement to increase results, receiving only new, most needed items, and letting YouGiveGoods handle all the leg work associated with running any goods collection drive. All at no charge and while earning 5% cash gift from YouGiveGoods!

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